Cadence Team

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If You Share Your Passion, You Will Inspire Others

All Level Athletes Welcome- Join Today!

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We are a team for those who have a passion for triathlon, cycling, running & swimming and want to be part of a support network of like-minded athletes with a common goal of an outdoor healthy lifestyle.

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We are a team for those who want to train or race in different distances, with different goals and with different schedules, but have fun while doing so with other athletes.

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We are a team for those who want to have resources, advice, knowledge, expertise, camaraderie, mentorship and leadership available to them.

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We are a team for those who want a social outlet that allows us to lead or follow by example, and develop the sports we love in our community.

Eligibility – Who Can Join – You!

It’s that simple.  We are not defining your eligibility by any standard or requirement – there is no eligibility – you are a perfect candidate the way you are.  We include all levels of athletes (triathletes, cyclists and duathletes – runners inherently part of this) and so everyone can share their experiences.  We can all learn from each other and  benefit from the skills, goals and life experiences we bring to the table.

Who we are not, a business that is sponsoring athletes, so if you want that experience there are plenty of places to apply.  So what makes us a team if we’re not sponsoring athletes?  The concept that not all of us can train to be elite athletes.  Most of us have jobs, family, and other aspects of life that are woven into our ability to train and race. 

We DO want to provide a Team identity for those who want to experience a non-exclusive team atmosphere in a community so we can train, race and have fun together.  Does that mean we are not competitive? – not at all. Everyone has different goals:  competitive, recreational, or even cause-based – we support all of these. 


Purchase a Kit (if you want to) – Cadence kits are based on the philosophy of being safe and seen on the road, so high-visibility (aka -neon) colors will be the norm.  You don’t have to purchase a kit, but some events/activities will be for kit-wearing team members.

Code of conduct – pretty simple: support each other, sportsmanship,  treat others as you want to be treated and follow the rules of the road. We stop at stop signs, traffic lights and obey traffic signs.  This includes T-intersections.  And- no headphones.   We make every effort to follow the rules of the road so if this isn’t how you roll, then we probably are not the right fit.  

Race & Train -complete 1 race/event or several training sessions in your Cadence Kit.  If you are injured or don’t have a kit (yet)- toss out some positives vibes on your social media platform about Cadence.

Social Media- we all love to see what’s going on in the world and we’d love to see you in action too.  But balance is the key so  simply post pics of you on your preferred social media outlet in your kit when you can. Do we like lots of social media presence of course, but we’d rather you post because it’s genuine  and want to share how much you love the sport and the team, rather than making this a marketing job.

Team Picture – send us (email) a picture of you in your street clothes and kit for the team member page on the website.

Athlete Registration -fill out the form and waiver.