We believe in a personalized approach and therefore do not offer blanket, one-size-fits-all training, coaching or plans.  There are lots of these online, but our phliosophy is rooted in working with each client’s specific needs, goals, abilities and lifestyle.  We know the demands of kids, carpool, work and trying to fit in training to be successful.  Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, our knowledge, education, and ability to maximize your training time is our commitment.

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Complete Training

Cadence Multisport offers complete multisport training in every distance or specific sport training in each of the 3 disciplines, plus strength training.

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Customized Options

Through individual, semi-private of group and team training, there are options to meet the demands pf a busy family and work schedule.

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Certified Coaches

We are certified USAT, USAT&F and US Master’s Swim Coaches that have the knowledge and experience to work with your personal needs and daily life demands.


I hired Christine during the 2015 triathlon season to coach me through my first Olympic distance race and help me work on my speed for my sprint distance races. Thanks to her coaching, I accomplished my goals for the season. The most successful part of her coaching is that at 54 years old, I’ve stayed injury free for the season! She did a great job checking in on my condition and also helped me with nutritional issues associated with diet. She also did a great job setting up daily workouts around my work schedule, which is full time, in the office and non-flexible. I’m looking forward to working with her to improve my race times during the 2016 season. Thanks to her help I did place third in my age group in the San Diego Triathlon Series!



Christine has been a phenomenal coach!  She has been excellent for motivating me and pushing me toward my goals.  Her vast knowledge of the human body help her to raise the performance of the athletes that she trains without compromising their well being.  She knows when to push her clients to strive harder and when to encourage them to listen to their bodies and take it a little easier.  Her workouts are always varied and fun, I never get bored.  From her bike workouts, to her strength training program, to her advice for training for a 1/2 marathon she is full of practical information and techniques to use to increase my performance and keep me from injury.  I feel my fitness level has increased significantly since working with Christine.  


I began competing in triathlons in 2008 and loved the sport and the cross training features. Due to my lack of swimming talent, I only entered sprint triathlons. Early in 2015, I decided that I would like to do an olympic distance triathlon and consulted with Christine Silcox of Cadence Multisport to train me. 

Christine met with me and asked many questions about my goals and objectives. I appreciated that she truly listened to my personal goals and needs. She took copious notes about my current training, my personal schedule and the state of my body. She carefully explained what to expect of the training program, how it worked, how she could help me and the cost. When I decided to move forward, Christine tailored a program specific to me and my goals. 

I can honestly say that Christine far exceeded my expectations. She approached the training in a friendly, professional and encouraging manner. She always pushed me to do my best. She gave me tips to improve, techniques to work on and praised the success. Christine was flexible and adjusted the schedule due to how I was feeling or personal commitments.

I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon at San Diego International Triathlon placing 5th in my age group out of 18, 5 minutes faster than my goal. My success is totally owed to Christine and her training!

I highly recommend Christine as a coach. Her professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and friendly approach will knock your socks off!


It has been our pleasure having Christine as an assistant coach for our USATF youth running club, Junior Mavericks. Christine is an excellent leader and is very helpful with our team. Christine has done everything from warm-up conditioning of striders and calisthenics to some very innovative ways of keeping our youth athletes focused enough to develop into quality athletes.  She would incorporate very specific drills to keep them aware of their form and develop good training habits.

Christine has been a part of our training program for two years.  At first she came to our team as a volunteer helper and trained triathlete. Over time she has taken on the capacity of lead coach and is a motivating leader for our youth group of athletes.

-Coach Robin

Christine Silcox coached me through my Ironman training for IMAZ 2013. I am a busy mother of three young children. The schedule she put together for my training exceeded my expectations. I was able to train and have a great race while maintaining a balance with my family.

Christine is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the sport.  She was always available to answer my many questions/concerns, listen to me and support me when I doubted myself. Ironman training is truly a journey and there is nothing that makes it more palatable than an excellent qualified coach.

“Christine coached me through my first rides, continuously supporting me with directions on technique and how to approach my fear of the road.  Each ride Christine takes me to the next level as a cyclist and an overall athlete.  She has helped me gain an understanding of how to handle my bike on busy roads, up tough hills, and down steep hills, as well as helped me with nutrition to maintain my stamina. I now look forward to my rides and can’t wait for the next one!”


“After training with Christine, I feel more knowledgeable about the sport and much stronger and confident with my abilities than ever before. Even though I had dabbled in triathlons for a few years, Christine gave me the direction I needed with my training; she encouraged me to go harder, longer, faster.

Christine addressed my objectives in an educated, efficient and effective manner. She planned my workouts, gave me feedback on my training log, put together a taper and a post race recovery plan. By showing me proper mechanics, fitness and nutrition, I became faster and fitter.  With the support, guidance and friendship from Christine, I successfully completed my first 70.3 (Lake Stevens) in 2013 and can’t wait to do it all again!”


“I have had the opportunity to work with Christine coaching several triathletes on our triathlon team. I have also been a participant in her workouts. Christine provides the group workout of the day in a clear, concise manner, and gives a good explanation of why. She then motivates the group during the workout, spending time with each individual.

Christine specifically coached 4 of our triathletes this past summer to prepare for their first half, the Vineman 70.3. The individual programs she wrote worked very well. Everyone was very pleased with their results. I am continually impressed with her knowledge and coaching abilities.”                         


“Christine is an amazing coach.  She had an enormous task, taking a pre -diabetic, stay at home mom from couch potato to half iron woman.  She is extremely knowledgeable, with just the right balance of encouragement and force to keep you moving toward your goals.”