Train one-on-one with your certified coach and see results faster.

We have ACE Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field & US Master’s Swim certifications. 

Learn more technique, form, skills, drills and tips to fast track your fitness.

We offer one-on-one coaching for all 4 disciplines: swim, bike, run and strength training (including core, stability, TRX & weights)  Small groups may also be arranged by request.

Simply call or email us to set up your one-on-one coaching session -we look forward to it!

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Individual and Small Group Training Pricing

 1 Session5 Sessions10 Sessions
1 Person$60/Hr$270 total ($54/hr)
(10% savings)
$480 total ($48/hr)
(20% savings)
2 People$80/hr ($40pp)$350 total ($35pp)
$600 total ($30pp)
4 People$100/hr ($25pp)$460 total ($23pp)$800 total ($20pp)
Small groups based on size -call for details, pricing and schedule

*Run & Strength sessions are one hour  include dynamic warm up and warm down time (usually @10 min)

*Bike sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and can be booked in 15min increments

*Swim sessions can be booked as 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour sessions.

*Start time/roll time is the time the session is set for and does not include meeting time prior to or after.


goggle gurlz

We will work with you in the pool, down at the Bay and in the Ocean to help you with your stroke, technique, form and fitness.  We will also film your stroke so you can track your progress.


Christine IMAZ bike

Develop power, pace and form by using the correct technique and fitness principles that can improve your cycling.  We will meet you outdoors or on the trainer.  Hills, speed work, time trialing, – plus tips on bike maintenance, group riding and bike handling.  



Form and function are critical to logging miles in running.  USA Track and Field coaches are educated on the technique, drills and workouts that are used for top collegiate and professional athletes.  We love to share our knowledge and often a few changes can help immensely.

Strength Training

strength 5

The glue that holds us together – and often the piece that gets left out of our training.  Make this an important element of your plan and you will see the difference that strength training makes.  Weights, stability, core and plyometrics are all part of strength training.

Late and cancellation Policies

While unforeseen circumstances are appreciated and given consideration (i.e. – car battery died, trip to the hospital, sick kids home from school etc…), as that is how life sometimes rolls, last-minute cancellations are charged 50%, 75% and 100% for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cancellations.   Please be on time as often there are other clients scheduled.  A session will only run until the scheduled time, so if you are running 10 min late,  then the session will not run over 10 extra minutes unless the coach has time and the 15 min incremental charge will apply.  We value our time spent with you so thank you!