Group Training

Triathletes • Cyclists • Runners • Swimmers

If You Share Your Passion, You Will Inspire Others

Train With Certified Coaches – All Level Athletes Welcome!

Group training helps push your fitness, skills and motivation.  

It’s a great way to get connected with like-minded people!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sessions

(plus Saturday Open Rides)

Start Training – Select Your Cadence Training Card!

The Cadence Training Card allows you to apply your training hours based on your schedule. No contract, no monthly membership.  

If you only have an hour to ride on the Wednesday 90min interval session, only an hour will be deducted from the card.  

We allow increments of 30min.  How do we track – we keep a simple google docs where you can see your training card.

Single Session Drop-In $15

• Select which session you want to attend
• Expires 30 days after purchase
• Saturday rides are open so you don't need to use your session for the Sat ride

10 Training Sessions Cadence Card $120

*10 Session Card is 20% savings from drop-in*

• Select the sessions you want to attend
• 90min rides, 60min swim, 60min runs, 60min strength
• Wednesday brick runs are your bonus & not counted against card!
• Expires 1yr after purchase
• Saturday rides are open so you don't need to use a session for the Sat ride


Semi-Private Group Training

• Groups of 2-4 people may schedule a coach for a semi-private session in any discipline
• Coach will work with each athlete and the group together for either a 60 or 90min session
• 1hr = $50 / 90min = $75
• Call to schedule session

 1. How We Work

  • Certified Coaches create and run specific workouts that target key training principles.
  • We offer a very easy way to get involved with individual swim, bike, run disciplines and triathlon training overall through a Cadence Training Card.
  • This provides you the flexibility for your training and lifestyle.
  • The Cadence Card also offers the flexibility with weather – sometimes we will have to cancel a session due to rain, lightening, etc.  This way you don’t loose out on your training Card

 2. Where We Train & Who We Train With

  • We train locally from N. Carlsbad to La Jolla, along the Coast and Inland. Workout locations vary so please check the schedule.
  • Both men and women are included as long as you are over 18yrs
  • We work with athletes of all levels and all of the group training is designed to meet each athlete’s personal level.

 3. How To Sign Up

  • Please register once (per year) as an athlete, along with signing the waiver. ATHLETE  INFO & WAIVER This is really important in case we need to reach one of your emergency contacts during a session
  • Choose your preference for group participation below
  • Join us at the workout location – just check the schedule

 Cadence Training Session Descriptions

Cycling & Running

photo bomb lynette

Swimming & Strength

swim clinic

Strength & Running

strength class 1

Base Miles Monday – 90min ride with a controlled steady and easy pace. Perfect for anyone building their base miles whether you are super fast or just starting out.

Wednesday Tri Day – bike intervals 90min followed by a 20-40min brick run.  We often have coffe or Jamba Juice afterwards.

Saturday Group Ride open ride but a max of 20 people are allowed in order to keep a small group feel.  

Trainer Sessions – If there is inclement weather, we will offer a trainer session if planning is possible.

Fridays – 30-60 min sessions in the pool, at the bay or in the ocean based on weather, water temp etc.  Swim sessions will sometimes alternate with Friday strength, or will be combined with Friday Strength.

Pool Technique & Video Session– swimmers will get tips, feedback and analysis of their stroke along with a video.  The pool sessions are in a clinic format and not invidual swim lessons.  When combined with strength, we will hit the pool deck for a 30-45 min strength & stability session.

Ventura or De Anza Cove Bay Swim Clinic – for those who prefer the calm waters of the bay, this is the perfect environment to practice your open water technique.  The session will start with an overview of the focus for the swim as well as the specific workout.

Swamis Ocean Swim  – this is one of the best places in So. Cal to swim so come join anywhere from .5 – 2 miles in the beautiful Pacific.   We will occasionally incorporate our strength session at the beach along with the infamous Swamis Stairs.

Friday Strength – a 30-60min class focusing on stability, core, power, HIT and functional movement.

Classes will take place at several different locations and develop a strong foundation for all 3 disciplines.

Classes will be announced on the Facebook page and are limited to 10 athletes.


Running Clinics – will be offered throughout the year to target form, speed, technique, drills and endurance.

Track Sessions – will be offered throughout the year with a focus on pure speed, VO2Max and fast twitch development