Cadence Multisport Apparel



WHY? – Makes us more visible and hopefully make us all safer on the roads.  

“Captain safety” is a nickname we are proud of, so hop on the high-vis train and dress to be seen!

Team Store is Open!

Use Cadence17 to access the Cadence gear.

Spring Green & Pink is the theme for now but the Yellow and Pink Tornado kits are still available

Ordering is open to anyone and simple through the Verge Sports secure storefront.

Verge Sports hosts our team store so the ordering process is easier.  Yes, you do need to create a personal account but it will ultimately help get your gear sooner.  There is a link to “register” right below the log-in box if you do not already have an account.

There are separate stores for Cadence kits – a yellow and a pink and Spring 2017.  If you order from both a one time, you will have just one shopping cart which is  a nice feature.

We do have some minimums so if there are any issues with meeting the order requirements we will let you know (25 pieces combined minimum)

This is also not a retail operation or money-making sales pitch.  The kits are offered as a service Cadence provides and we make no money off of them.  We simply facilitate the orders and pass along the cost to you, however, once you place an order we can’t refund you or make exchanges.  The store has all of the info on the policies as well as sizing.  Please be sure to review the sizing guide.  Samples are available to try – contact Christine  

Happy training in your cool gear!

Apparel Options

Core Style

This is the existing order that you may have seen on the road.  This is a relaxed cut jersey and standard cycling shorts.  The feedback is that the sizing is standard and doesn’t run either small or large.

There is a newer option for a fitted jersey in this style so please be sure to check the differences in dimensions of the relaxed vs the fitted and double check which one you are ordering.

Strike Style

This is more of a race cut aero jersey so it is meant to be worn very fitted.  The fabric is stretchier and fits more like a second skin.  The recommendation is to go up one size in the jersey.  The Strike shorts have more of a mesh like fabric compared to the smooth fabric of the core shorts.  The sizing is the same for the shorts – you do not need to go up a size.

Tri Kit

The tri top has a 3/4 front zipper and is meant to be worn over a sports bra for ladies as it does not have a built in sports bra.  The feedback is that the top and shorts are standard sizing.  The shorts are not as long in length as the cycling shorts

Tri Suit

This is a tight fitting one-piece suit but it, like the tri top, does not have a built in sports bra.

Cycling Speed Suit

This is a second skin fitting one-piece suit that is very flexible and comfortable. Size up for the this.



  • REFUNDS -because this is a custom order, refunds are not possible once the order has been processed.
  • CHANGING ORDERS – generally, there is a 1-2 day window between placing your order and being able to change, modify or cancel, but this is not guaranteed.
  • TURN AROUND TIME – approximately 3-6 weeks.
  • SAMPLE SIZES – simply email to check them out.
  • SIZING – Please review the sizing charts and order accordingly. I have found that the Core Jersey line is true to size so if you generally wear a medium, the medium would be appropriate. This is a relaxed fit and definitely offers more room in the chest for women, but it does not have a super snug fit. My husband tried on the XL and was right on target to his normal xl shirt size. If you want more of a race fit, there is an option and it can be adjusted for your individual order. I feel the shorts run true to size as well.
  • PRICING – you do not need to be a current client to purchase apparel. Apparel is offered without retail mark up as we are not a retail operation and do not profit from any sales. As such there are no discounts on any of the items. Discounts for training is offered to those who purchase items.
  • SHIPPING – free and to US only


Cadence apparel is for those who want to be part of a team of cyclists, triathletes, duathletes, and anything between where your efforts outweigh your results. You can also just get the kit to wear and look good and bright. Once you have a kit – you are on the team – simple.  No, you don’t have to race to be on team & nope you don’t have to be on the podium either – this is a sport and opportunity for everyone. There are no mandatory requirements but we ask for a few things that are doable and fun.  You get some training, motivation, organization and cool stuff like prizes, sponsor deals, race discounts, training with like-minded people, and special Team Training Weekends.   You can always just sport the kit – and set the pace out on the road!